Life List

001. Knit 100 pairs of socks.
002. Visit Tokyo.
003. Finish Arabic Rosetta Stone (1 + 2).
004. Be interviewed
005. Go to Phantom Ranch three more times.
006. Write a book. Get it published.
007. Buy something from an L.A. fruit guy.
009. Live in another country.
010. Hug a non-human simian.
011. Make wine.
012. Own a dog.
013. Ride a camel.
014. Own a business.
015. Drive a Smart.
017. Count to 10 in 10 languages (Spanish and English don't count).
019. Leave a ridiculous tip.
021. Design a tea blend.
022. See the Eiffel Tower.
023. Play trumpet for an audience again.
024. Memorize a Walt Whitman poem.
025. Make a new friend.
026. Donate an egg.
027. Play a song on a grand piano.
028. Do another person’s Life List Item (that isn’t on my Life List) with him/her. (Stolen from The Amber Show.)
029. Go to a Burrito Project.
030. Share a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA with good friends.
032. Read Les Misérables, The Lord of the Rings, and The Brothers Karamazov.
033. Taste a durian.
034. Sing in public.
035. Be in a movie.
036. Learn the difference between Monet and Manet. (Oh! Manet paints people! But I can do better than that.)
037. Run a marathon.
038. Bike 100 miles in one day.
039. Go a day without speaking. (Stolen from Mighty Girl.)
040. Order the bartender's favorite Scotch at a bar in Scotland.
041. See an opera.
042. Find a new favorite band all by myself.
043. Choose 20 favorite love songs.
044. Intentionally give someone a book after I've read it.
045. Listen to a wordless song that makes me cry.
046. Participate in a ritual from a religion not my own.
047. Earn a master's or professional doctorate degree.
048. Watch people from an outdoor table at a café in France. Draw one of them.
049. Go blonde.
050. Wear fake eyelashes. (Stolen from Annette Renee White.)
051. Tell a secret to a stranger.
052. Yarn bomb.
053. Buy stock.
054. Wear stilettos to a cocktail party.
055. Bind a book.
056. Smokey eyes.
057. Make vegan chocolate truffles.
058. Get a massage.
059. Splash in a public fountain.
060. Fill a journal.
061. Give a reading.
062. Host a Christmas party.
063. Spin yarn.
064. Raft the Colorado River.
065. Sleep outside.
066. Nap in a hammock.
067. Visit Portland, Oregon. Buy sock yarn.
068. Send flowers to someone.
069. Invent an ice cream flavor. Share the recipe.
070. Make bagels.
071. Teach a kid how to knit.
072. Give an anonymous gift.
073. Have a plumeria tree.
074. Make cucumber pickles.
075. Give only handmade gifts for Christmas.
076. Rent a beach house with friends.
077. Learn to dance.
078. Be hypnotized.
079. Read In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.
080. Walk down a long staircase in a flowy dress.
081. Learn how to make Turkish (Arabic, Armenian, what-have-you) coffee.
082. Be one of the regulars.
083. Do ten of these things more than once.
084. Write my name in long exposure light writing.
085. Be one of the 1,000 faces.
086. Make a people-sized ambient hutch.
087. Be a street performer.
088. Competitively eat. (Stolen from Rob Blatt.)
089. See Chris Botti live.
090. Go everywhere in Johnny Cash's version of "I've Been Everywhere."
091. Run on water.
092. Drive a motorcycle.
093. Read the first novels of 50 contemporary authors.
094. Go completely vegan.
095. Win NaNoWriMo.
096. Learn and identify the classical orders of architectural columns.
097. Be the editor of a major publication.
098. Memorize the International Phonetic Alphabet for English.
099. Live in a shotgun house. (A narrow Burbank cottage totally counts.)
100. Buy a meal for a bum.
101. Play a song on a guitar in a music store. 
102. Find proof of a peanut with 5 nuts inside (or irrefutable proof that it's impossible). 
103. Touch my toes (while standing up). 
104. Tend a bar. 
105. Get acupuncture'd. 
106. Carry tiny handmade things in my pocket and give them to strangers. 
107. Visit the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
108. Give a TEDTalk.
109. [Be able to] Pass the Maine State Police PFT.