Wednesday, March 14, 2012

These Are a Few

Here's my favorite thing someone else did today:

You see these things online, and you never expect them to happen to you. But it totally did happen to me.

(Edited to add: Except, a few hours later, I realized that guy's "than v. then" statement was for the person who posted the pic, and not me.)

And this is my favorite thing I did today (but I did about half of it yesterday):

And it really scans!! Use the QR Code reader on your smartphone to see what it says.

I'm also pretty happy about the Chinese dumplings I made, but that QR Code has me bustin' at the seams with pride. I fricking love it.

I have to practice making them a little smaller and sealing them better, but the filling was spot on. (I used an improvised combination of whatever couple-day-old vegetables I had in my fridge cooked in sesame and olive oils, soy sauce, and some old port that's good for nothing but cooking anymore).

Do something awesome today. It feels really good.

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