Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothing Left To Burn

Things making me happy today:
  • Hexagons
  • Carrot juice
  • The air in Shenzhen after a heavy rain
  • When Chinese ladies admire my knitting (sometimes for too long by North American-personal-space standards) and say I'm a "good lady" instead of asking dumb questions and/or declaring I have too much time on my hands

I'm back on my Beekeeper's Quilt in full-force. With only one day of The Knitted Playlist left, these wee little hexagons will fill the need for a clever little project I can whip up in a few minutes.

I took the project name from the Stars' song "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead." I like the opening bit the lead singer's dad says:

When there is nothing left to burn, 
you have to set yourself on fire.

Left: Knit Picks Stroll in Carbon Twist and Kettle Dyed Eggplant
Right: Knit Picks Felici in Patina

The rasta one was an accident. I was still knitting the red segment when a guy and his wife walked by and asked, "Are you from Jamaica?" I hoped they couldn't see from their table the green and yellow show up as I knitted on. I hate being a stereotype. But that rasta hexie does make me quite happy.

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