Saturday, November 12, 2011


My dad posted this picture on Facebook.

That's my Grampy Bustard front and center. The rest, left to right, are my uncle Alden, my dad, and my uncle Carl.

"Four Vets Nov 11 2011," he called the photo.

Being a vet is one thing, I thought when I saw it, but what about when your service is done? Then what? And the answer to that question, the question of how they're living back home and off the base, is what makes me a whole lot more proud of these guys.

Honestly, I don't know my grandfather very well, so I know a lot less about his younger days. I know for sure, though, that the rest are living full and rich lives, still serving the people around them every day, making our country even greater in tiny little ways.

And that's even more important.


Ken said...

Thanks Kimmy Poo... Your words and genuine thoughtfulness mean more than you realize. Love ya.

Andy and Heather said...

Your grandfather spent his younger years raising these three -- and nine others.

Anonymous said...

if all the grandkids would have visited dad when they was growing up they all would have really got to know what a good dad and grandfather he really that is why some of the grandkids donot know dad really well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,Kimberly. Once again, your words are misunderstood and responded to inappropriately.

Dad said...

Have found myself thinking a lot about these, and contrasting them to the depth of your own character. Makes me proud to see how you have grown, and continue to grow as a person. I know you will continue to expand your mind and embrace differences in others. I watch your fb postings and occasionally take a stroll through your thousands of pictures. Continue to live a full life.