Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Batch Single Malt Scotch Whisky Cookies

I bought three kilograms of flour at the market this morning, and so far my oven has been running for about four and a half hours straight.

I've mostly stuck to the tried-and-true recipes (getting ahead on bread baking, making cookies for friends, etc.), but I also veganized a gingerbread cake for the whisky club meeting tomorrow. AND (this is the important part) I also invented whisky cookies.

This recipe makes just a few cookies (a little over a dozen), so go ahead and use the most expensive single malt you own. I probably wouldn't use anything too smoky though, but whatevs: it's your choice. It could be awesome. I used the Macallan Select Oak we got at a duty free shop coming home from somewhere on a ferry.

Click on the image below and work from your computer (mine constantly has kitchen-ick on it) or print it and keep it handy for your next single malt party.

Cookies made with the water of life? Cheers to that!

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