Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twenty Five Things I Plan To Do In China This Summer

photo by myan at sixth & main

Consistently one of the coolest and most inspiring blogs I read, The Amber Show has done it again with her Twenty Five Things I Plan On Doing This Summer.

Number One is "Friendship bracelets," and since I seem to have had the same nostalgic urge at about the same time (I bought cotton thread in L.A. and sat under a tree in a park with my lychee boba and girl-scouted it up), it's no wonder I want to keep the nostalgia going and come up with a list of my own.

Being vegan in China makes s'mores and homemade ice cream a little more difficult (or impossible, without super-human shopping- and making- skills, which I do have sometimes, but I want this to be all fun and easy and awesome, and not stressful or a display of Look What I Can Do).

And just coming back from L.A. where I cried more than once every day for the last couple of days, I need to embrace the rest of this crazy adventure and make brand new awesome memories with people I will soon depart from and miss so so much.

So here's the list of [seemingly-obvious-at-times-but-probably-really-important-for-maintaining-and-spreading-joy]
Twenty Five Things I Plan To Do In China This Summer:

1. (More) friendship bracelets
2. Make sorbet
3. Ultimate Frisbee
4. Camping
5. Fruit juice popsicles
6. Take pictures of where I live
7. Nighttime walk to buy fresh coconuts with straws
8. Beach
9. Drawing in the park
10. Watercolors
11. Make orange marmalade
12. Movie marathon
13. Picnic
14. Visit a temple
15. Super bright manicure
16. Read outside
17. Make Perfect Iced Coffee*
18. Have breakfast on the patio
19. Play jazz
20. Buy fresh flowers
21. Knit a Christmas ornament
22. Make hot sauce
23. Visit a new city
24. Hike
25. Dinner party

*Another gem from Amber. I made this last summer in L.A. It really is perfect.

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Ivan said...

OMG, I want in on the ultimate frizbee!