Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New feet!

There are just a few short weeks left until we line up at the Great Limerick Run and head off on a 26.2-mile run.

My leg still hurts after a mysterious injury that just won't heal, but I'm training super hard at the gym to get as strong as I can in the meantime. If I end up limping the whole marathon, I'll do it. But dang it, I WILL do it.

Dan and I are both "barefooting" it. We've been using Vibrams FiveFingers for months and months now, but we've been considering other minimalist footwear recently. It seems, though, that very few shoe companies want to oblige. (They all want to sneak in just a little support and then slap on a silly-high price tag.)

But THEN... I stumbled (almost literally) on a couple of workers at Decathlon today putting out some new sneaker stock.

It's the Newfeel Many, and I think it's designed for men, but I don't even care. (And why should I?)

The idea is that you buy this mad-cheap shoe (RMB59, about 9USD), then pay a little extra for the insole (RMB39, I think). Maybe there were various degrees of insole; I don't know. I bought mine naked!

And I bought two pairs, as you can see. I'm thoroughly convinced these are one of the greatest things to hit the minimalist market. I've already told Dan he needs to go try them on and find his size, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back and buy every single color so I never have to go a day (or at least a run) without them for the rest of my life.

I originally planned on using the yellow ones on marathon day (for extra speed, ya know?), but now that I'm looking at them, one of each is pretty cool...


robblatt said...

I think I just found my new shoes, provided they can be shipped to the US!

Julia Broadbooks said...

I totally think you should wear one of each!

Btakata said...

if you can run in SZ, you will rock it in Ire and beyond. (coming from the guy who can barely walk the dog around the block)
Best wishes, to you and Dan.
It was awesome meeting the two of you tonight. i m glad the MDs have passed. It will be a great memory, Cheers to your adventures.

Dont forget these (drunkin promises)
1. You will hook my colleague Crystal up with a good man. Hook means a meeting and opportunity for the two,
2. You will show my friend Lee a good time in HK tomorrow.
3. I will bring Dan a Hopsicle the next time i come to SZ and.
I cant remember any more, but 3 promises to keep is pretty good.

I prefer bing

Peace b with yous.