Friday, April 15, 2011

Go ahead. Make my day. (Twice.)

An Internet friend (who I met in real life once, which allowed me to check off the Life List Item I created with her in mind but didn't tell her until after we met) sent me a box of presents!

She mailed it to my husband's office so it had less of a chance of getting lost or stolen, but he's in Shanghai all week. So I broke in today (with the key card I never returned from when I worked there for a month) and took it.

But first, I woke up to the comment she left on Facebook saying that I've inspired her to take up running!

So many times, when I was suffering through even a tiny 3-mile run, I thought, "I hope someone sees me and says, 'If she can do it...'" and then tries running. (Even after I ripped the hamstring off my leg and cracked my hip, she's sticking to her Couch to 5K plan! Go Kara!)

I picked up the box after my diagnostic trip to Hong Kong today (where I found out about the ripping and breaking).

I sliced it open with my pocket knife on the way to the metro. (Couldn't wait! It was heavy and made lots of noise when I shook it!)

She has her eyes on the Nuggets, too.

Did she know that I'm in love with those Florida's Natural fruit juice Nuggets (and buy a pack whenever I happen to find them in Hong Kong)? Did she know I can't find cupcake wrappers anywhere here? I don't know, but I had Nuggets before dinner, and I'm thinking it would be fun to use all 200 wrappers in one big party...*

She also sent a set of "3 Single Socks (That Don't Match)," a lollipop of hair elastics, instant Starbucks packets, Found Magazine #7, a ribbon all-about-knitting (weird! and awesome!), new boots (it was 81 degrees today; she's not wearing them for a while) and a bag for Simone, and a handmade doll dress!

Without a doubt, I have the best friends in the world, even if I have only met them once, haven't seen them in years, or haven't met them at all.

*Certain people should not be made privy, or they'll make me follow through!


Julia Broadbooks said...

I love Little Miss Matched! The socks and flip flops and things are so fun. Unexpected presents are the best kind!

Kara said...

I can't believe I never commented on this (I know I did on fb, just not here)! I'm glad you liked your package! I can't believe that you can find those fruit nuggets in HK...that's just crazy! I have more stuff stashed around my condo for you and will keep collecting and hopefully have another package sent out toward the end of summer. Any special requests? :)