Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look at these melons!

I bought this tiny watermelon at the market today. I like fruit that has non-edible skin. It means if it was fertilized with human feces, I'm not eating people poo directly. I think that's why I got food poisoning from a salad last week. Yes, a salad.

I cut it open as soon as I got home from the gym. It's yellow inside!

It tasted pretty much the same as a red one. That is to say, delicious.

And it was only RMB4.10 (about 62 cents in U.S. currency). I'll be buying more of these little golden watermelon nuggets. Obviously.


Julia Broadbooks said...

That's a darling watermelon.

And I totally get the inedible rind thing. Ick.

Yarn Miracle said...

Cute! And it sounds delicious!

Except the part about the poo...