Monday, January 31, 2011

What does it all mean?

A friend posted on Facebook a fascinating essay from the New York Times called "The Perils of Literary Profiling." I highly recommend it, especially to you bookworms.

I thought a lot about this very issue when we were sorting out piles of things to stay in storage in the U.S. and things to put in the air shipment to China. What books had I chosen, and why? What do they say about me if I don't tell you why?

Space was limited, so only the books that meant the very most to me (or I'm convinced I can finally read before we leave here) were packed.

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Not included are the books I collected along the way in our journey across the country, where I found some irresistible used books back in Los Angeles, bought local poetry in Chicago, and met a poet in Maine. Also not included are the cookbooks and knitting/crochet books that made the cut (and underwent a separate selection process).

So what am I? What, if China is the death of me, and all my secrets are somehow revealed, will people point to and say, "That explains it!"?

I think my whole bookshelf would do a better job of giving you an accurate profile, but this is pretty good, too (at least for the current period).

And what of my time here will be revealed in the books I acquire over the course of 18 months? I've already purchased a hefty business/economics book, Stephen Fry's first novel, and a Japanese book of crochet charts...

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