Saturday, January 01, 2011

Tony's in China

As far as I know, Tony Yanow has no plans of international franchise for his Burbank haven of vegans and hop-heads, but if he did, I'd help. The world would, after all, be a better place.

Fewer absentee fans would have to miss the epic NYE party that's happening right now in the dark and crowded pub. Fewer still are so loyal and smitten as to make it happen in China anyway.

The party was small (two humans and a cat), but we managed to pull off a vegan Tony's Darts Away menu across the International Date Line, planning weeks in advance and smuggling the necessary goods across the border from Hong Kong.

I improvised some USR (Ultra Super Rad) hot sauce with Vegenaise, Chinese chili relish stuff,  ground red pepper, Frank's Xtra Hot, and Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese. It tasted impressively like the real thing (or as much as my deprived taste buds could remember, anyway.) (Sorry, no recipe. Just mix 'em all up till they're tasty. Hint: Just a dollop of cream cheese for thickening; the other liquids thin out the Vegenaise too much.) While I was doing this, Dan was slicing the potatoes, and then I fried them into chips in a wok while he sliced more potatoes.

I fried the vegan sausages we found in Hong Kong with some onions and green peppers. We put the sausages in freshly baked buns and added our toppings (two bigs and two smalls)!

Served up with the only California IPA we've found outside of a pub (and also from Hong Kong), it was the next best thing to being there.

Smalls: Vegenaise and dijon mustard (Dan used USR hot sauce instead of Vegenaise).
Bigs: Grilled peppers & onions and shredded Follow Your Heart cheddar.

And as if the prospect of having an almost-real Tony's menu in our very own 18th-floor Chinese apartment weren't amazing enough, we're going to the real place in February!

Cheers, Tony & friends! We send our love from the Pearl River Delta.

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