Friday, January 21, 2011

StickK, Week One

Read this short thing about The $500 Diet.

Basically, these two guys set up a web site that takes your money if you fail. You set all the rules and give them your credit card info, but you click "I Accept" about 80 million times so you can't freak out at them if you fail and lose all your money.

One guy (one of the founders) has been putting $500 on the line every week, and he's never gone a week without losing a pound or maintaining the weight he wants. Another woman has been putting thousands of dollars on the line every week, and she hasn't smoked a cigarette in years.

So I guess I'm actually on the $100 Per Day Marathon Training Plan. For every day that I fail to train, my brother -- I chose the beneficiary; you can also choose a charity or an anti-charity (a group you don't want to support) -- gets $100. The site only lets you have weekly goals, so if ever I fail more than once, I've promised to pay him the extra Ben Franklin.

But I'm not going to fail.

I ran about 25 miles last week. Not a lot, but right on schedule.

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Benjamin Bustard said...

Benjamin's for Benjamin! I'm encouraging everyone I know to follow in your footsteps with this idea... Anything I can do to help, ya know.