Monday, January 10, 2011

I'd say that counts.

Sometime after she told me to flip over so she could do the front side and before she finished my left leg and moved on to my right, I thought, "Hey! This is a Life List Item!"

The Chinese magazine I write for sent me to a 5-star hotel spa today for a review for the February issue. Every square centimeter (we're in metric-unit-land, after all) of my body was rubbed with scented oils and burning-hot rocks, sometimes so hard and hot (woops!) it hurt. But it hurt so good.

Truth be told, last weekend I had my first Chinese foot massage, but I hesitated to call that fulfillment of Life List Item 058: Get a massage. It wasn't the most comfortable experience (but totally worth it in the end), and I'd always pictured the Life List Item involving my back and a massage table and looking through a hole at the floor.

But 90 minutes of full-body hot rock massage with a little steam therapy before and a hot shower after, plus several requests that I drink more ginger tea (and I did look through a hole at a bowl of water and rose petals on the floor), totally counts, I think.

And I want more. I want it so bad.

(Thank goodness for Life List Item 083: Do ten of these things more than once.)

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Laura Haven said...

That sounds amazing! :)