Friday, December 31, 2010

The Hauntingly Beautiful

After finding another one for my list, I decided to share with you some things that I find so hauntingly lovely that they keep popping up in my brain unannounced.

The first is a set of color photographs from Russia before color photographs were really even a thing. You can see the whole collection (with glass negatives, sepia-tone prints, and modern composites and renderings) at the Library of Congress. This is one of my favorites. I can't help but return the stare of her dark eyes.

The second are these photos of Niagara Falls with no water. For a long time I've loved rocks more than trees (which is part of why I like the dry southwest of the US more than the lush northeast), and these rocks, usually hidden by water, are like the gritty and honest bones of the Earth.

And the third thing, which a friend just shared on Facebook, are these photos of cement people at the bottom of the ocean. The bodies eventually grow oceany things and support the marine life around them, so not only is this guy an artist, but he's making the world an undeniably better place. I wonder how much bee-ess this guy had to deal with in order to get permission to do this? Whatever. I'm glad he did.

(I'm a big fan of this pregnant woman in particular because she makes me just a tad uncomfortable, and the peace in her face is absolutely gorgeous.)

I could pick at least three things like these in any number of different categories (this one being "Art/Photography Especially as They Relate to the World Around Us," I guess), and I probably will, but soak these up for now. I'll be back with more later.

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