Friday, December 24, 2010

Blythe Socks!

I looked everywhere for a knit sock pattern for my new Bythe doll, Simone. It had to be on US1 needles (like a real human sock) and had to have real sock anatomy (like a real human sock), but there was none to be found.

So I did it myself. Want the pattern?

You bet!

 (Simone's are kind of crazy-looking because I used striping sock yarn 
that's way too random for teeny socks.)

Blythe Socks

Needles: US1 (you decide if you're gonna use DPNs or the magic loop on a circular)
Yarn: a teeny bit of sock yarn
Gauge: not a big deal

Cast on 10 sts.

cuff: (k1, p1) for 3 rounds

leg: knit 5 rounds

heel (includes turning):
1. knit 5
2. turn, p5
3. turn, k5
4. turn, p3
5. turn, k1, ssk
6. turn, p2, p2tog
7. turn, k3
8. pick up 3 sts, knit across foot (5 sts), pick up 3 sts
9. knit the 3 sts of bottom of foot
10. k1, k2tog, k5, ssk, k1
11. k12
12. k3, k2tog, k5, ssk

foot & toe:
1. k 3 rounds
2. k2tog around (5 sts remain)
3. k5
4. break yarn and thread thru stitches

Finish off and weave in ends.


Yarn Miracle said...

Those give new meaning to "teeny tiny"!

pippaandpom said...

Thank you, you are awesome!!
They are cute as hell!!