Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Armenian Coffee

I've been craving Middle Eastern coffee for weeks and weeks, but there's rarely a good time to go to the one place I know I can get it (and give a girl a coffee and she'll ask for a falafel... you know how that goes). Then an Armenian pops into my life and makes me jealous that he can have it whenever he wants. And still more weeks passed.

After an incredible (read: not restful) weekend and a long day at work, I was determined to go to my favorite pita place and order their Turkish coffee. Then I started craving stuffed grape leaves, so I just forgot all my plans of cleaning the apartment to a state of spotlessness and went grocery shopping.

I painted while the dolma was simmering (recipe here). I had wrongly assumed for years that these would be way too complicated, but they're quite easy!

I took a break before making coffee (video instructions here) to switch from watercolor doodles to a real landscape!

I bought a size 6 (.7-liter) Eqyptian coffee pot at a shop in an international market for about $9. The small bag of coffee was $2. I may be hooked.

And that's Life List Item 081!

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