Friday, August 27, 2010


I got my first-ever tattoo on Tuesday night. I've wanted one for a long time, and finally realized last Saturday  what it should be.

I chose an almond leaf etching from an 1800s encyclopedia and took it to Black Diamond Tattoo in Venice, California. Sean Adams was amazing. I knew from his first sketch that it would be perfect. And he took incredible care to make sure all of his products were vegan friendly.

The almond leaf comes from Jeremiah 1:4-12. There's more about the play on words here.

Here's the tattoo in all its fresh slimy done-ness:

My hand now holds so many memories and reminders just under the skin. Like what we had for dinner before I got it, decisions we were making, the friends who were there when the almond tree became significant to me, making new friends at school and work, the end of business school, the blond fellow with a tattoo in his ear who held my hand for an hour but changed it forever, and how lucky I am to have a boy who puts up with my craziness. And none of these were intentional.

Yes, I kind of already want another one.

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