Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poema Español

I was just reminded of this poem I wrote in high school, inspired entirely by the phrase "alguna noche." I still like it after all these years (and that's a lot of years), despite my anxiety about the longevity of poetic inspiration. Somewhere I still have the original copy my Spanish teacher typed in blue ink, dated, and gave to me.

It's unintentionally communistic, but that's not bad. (Maybe I'll give it music, play the organ over the loudspeaker, and make everyone on my hippy farm sing along at sunrise.) The purest communism, I think, is our end status anyway.

Alguna noche
Yo me iré
A una tierra
Donde no hay rey,
Y cada persona
Adora a la otra.
Son todas amables
Y viven en paz.

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