Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Perfect Ending to a Giant Granny

(No grannies were harmed in the making of this blanket/pattern/post. I promise.)

I finally wove in all the yarn ends on my first grown-up sized giant granny square blanket. I knew I wanted to end the blanket in the dark purple I started with, but I didn't know how that edge should look. My biggest concern was keeping the last row before the edging still plump and granny-like (single-crocheting in all the stitches chops off the head of the shell, making it short and ugly). So I did some experimenting and came up with a pattern I think is just perfect for a giant granny square.

I can't show you the whole blanket yet, but I can show you just enough to share this pattern with you!

This pattern assumes you know enough to have already made the giant granny on your own. It also assumes you made the little shell things with three double-crochets (or what have you) and put 1 single crochet between each shell (two in the corners). I'm sure you can adjust this pattern to just about granny-square-making method you choose.


Edging for a Giant Granny

Row 1: Keep doing what you were doing (making a granny square), but make 3sc in each ch-1 space. When you get to a corner, do [3sc, ch2, 3sc] then continue on. Finish off the round as you normally would, but don't cut the yarn!

Row 2 (last one, then you're finally done with this thing!): No matter what you were doing for the rest of the granny, do NOT turn. Keep going! Sc in the middle sc of the very next 3-sc shell. In the next ch-1 space, do [hdc, 3dc, hdc]. Then sc in the middle sc of the next shell. When you get to a corner, treat the ch-2 space like a ch-1 space and make just one bumpy thing like you've been making all along. Continue around, attach yarn to the start, and break. Weave in, and you're done!


I'll be done very soon, and then I can show you this marvelous thing in all it's finally-done-ness! (It really is marvelous, I assure you.)


christine said...

I had crocheted a large granny square blanket for my son in law and needed an edging. I found your pattern and it came out really good. I was very please with the finish on the blanket. I hope he will be also. Many thanks for this. Christine Australia

Tamara said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! I featured a link to it this morning on Moogly: :)