Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I hate cell phone stuff.

I'm really not angry or bitter, but some conversations are so retarded that they really must be shared. It was hard to tell if the "person" was even real. It was like watching an episode of The Hills or something.

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to ^Toylandra I.
^Toylandra I: Hi Kimberly , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m ^Toylandra and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
^Toylandra I: Kimberly, I do regret you are having issues with your battery. I am here for you and I will try my best to resolve this for you.
^Toylandra I: What is occurring with the battery?
Kimberly Pye: The battery is bulging. This is dangerous
Kimberly Pye: I visited a T-Mobile store today. They didn't have any in stock. And the Representative called several other stores in the area. No store had a battery in stock for my G1
^Toylandra I: Thank you.
^Toylandra I: What exactly is the battery doing, is it not charging, or it is swollen?
Kimberly Pye: It is swollen.
^Toylandra I: Thank you.
^Toylandra I: How long has this been occurring?
Kimberly Pye: I discovered it yesterday.
^Toylandra I: Thanks.
^Toylandra I: Are there any missing contents on the battery, is it able to stay in the phone?
Kimberly Pye: Yes, it is able to stay in the phone. I just need a battery that isn't swollen.
^Toylandra I: Okay.
^Toylandra I: Kimberly, I am going to check the warranty on the battery, because the warranty only last 90 days for the battery.
Kimberly Pye: Okay. So dangerously swollen batteries are okay with T-Mobile?
^Toylandra I: I certainly want you to have a battery that is not swollen, but the phone is no longer under warranty to replace the battery, you can go online to, and replace the battery.
Kimberly Pye: That is very unfortunate. I will order it from somewhere less expensive.
^Toylandra I: Okay.
Kimberly Pye: I am quite disappointed in this resolution.
^Toylandra I: Kimberly, I certainly want you to have a battery for your phone, but being that the phone is no longer under warranty, we can not replace the battery.
^Toylandra I: Kimberly, are you still with me?
Kimberly Pye: Yes.
^Toylandra I: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?
Kimberly Pye: The battery is malfunctioning to a degree beyond my expectation when I purchased the phone. I would expect the battery to last the life of the contract, as all previous batteries have.
^Toylandra I: I definitely understand that, however, if there is no warranty to cover the phone, we can not exchange the batter, you can purchase another battery through
Kimberly Pye: I am sorry to hear that.
^Toylandra I: Do you have any other questions or concerns for me?
Kimberly Pye: No.
^Toylandra I: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, have a great day!
Kimberly Pye: Thank you.
^Toylandra I: Goodbye!
^Toylandra I: You are welcome.
Kimberly Pye: I hope my phone doesn't explode.
Kimberly Pye: Goodbye.
^Toylandra I: You can close the chat window if you like.
^Toylandra I: Kimberly, are you still with me?
^Toylandra I: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, have a great day!
^Toylandra I: Goodbye!

I'm not sure, but Toylandra I might be a stripper. Or ruler of Toyland. I'm also assuming there's a Toylandra Jr. and Toylandra III out there somewhere.

Now I have to order a new battery on eBay for a fraction of the cost T-Mobile wants to charge me. I really do hope my battery doesn't explode in the meantime.


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Your blog is amazing! i love it!
Kinda got me inspired to make marmalade :)
it wont let me follow your blog, so i'll just keep an eye out. Cant wait to see what you post next!!!
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nslank said...

Yipes. Swollen battery. I never heard of that. Makes the I-phone 4 sound good.

Anytha Ribka said...
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Anytha Ribka said...

i thought this a scene of mini series..

nice to know you,,

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