Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shag Scarf and Watermelon

I borrowed Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr from the library today. In between napping all evening and packing my lunch for tomorrow right before bed (I'll explain in a sec), I managed to cast on the Shag scarf (Ravelry link; sorry nonmembers).

It's pretty neat-o. My own husband, after I tried to explain to him how it works, called me a witch and told me not to show the townspeople.

About the napping thing: I seem to be having awful withdrawal symptoms from the artificial hormones. I thought I was having a mini heart attack at the gym today, but forced myself to complete a 15-minute workout anyway. I usually put in an hour a day, but the shaking, nausea, lightheadedness, weakness, and chest pain did me in prematurely. I also noticed my face breaking out today, and I've been experiencing some heartburn for the last week or so. Yesterday marked one week to the day that I should have been using birth control, and my body is kinda freaked out that I'm not. I'M freaked out that I ever was! After some rest and some knitting, I feel a bit improved.

I finished this table runner this weekend while Dan was mountain biking with some coworkers. For a long time it has only needed buttons for seeds. I finally found the right ones at Creation Station in Buellton, CA. They're not exactly what I had envisioned, but they're even better. They're not quite black, and they have some greenish marbling. Much more organic and kinda quirky.

Can you spot the kitty?

And just in time for summer! (My good friend Vicki bought all the fabric for me for Christmas, so I can't take any credit for the incredible colors! The free pattern is here if you want to make one.)

I also pieced, lined, and backed another runner. I still have to quilt and bind it. It's much too large for this table, so it will have to stay on the dining table if anything. I hope to show you soon!

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