Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gorgonzola Champions!

Dan and I went to Santa Barbara on Sunday to do a 27-mile bike loop (during which I found out how freaking strong my legs have gotten in the hours I spend at the gym every week).

We visited The Brewhouse to have the homemade potato chips covered in melty Gorgonzola crumbles -- probably for the last time before we decide to go vegan. We just happened to show up at the exact moment the games began! We answered questions, won tickets (I won a ridiculous amount by yelling out stupid -- but surprisingly correct -- answers to the sports questions), and then won not a single prize the whole time.


The table round!!

Consideration was given to the best name, but the real skill required inventing three beer names relating to basketball (Go Lakers!).

(We've been calling ourselves Awesomenauts for a long time.
It's a long story involving traveling to all the planets,
but I can't get into that right now.)

We won the grand prize! ("4th Quarter Porter" was the judge-lady's favorite.)

And now we have to go back next weekend (oh, darn) so we have a chance to use that brunch certificate before it expires ('cause the weekend after that we're going to San Diego for Dan's birthday)!

Lesson learned, Sunday-afternoon brewpubbers: don't mess with an English major and general smartypants when it's time to play with words!

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