Monday, May 31, 2010

Birdies and Brownies

Today I test-knitted this Itty Bitty Birdie pattern for Emily Ivey of Yarn Miracle.

It's super easy, super fast, and (best of all) super cute. Be on the lookout for this pattern when it hits her Etsy shop. If you can't wait (or can't knit), you can buy pre-knit organic cotton Itty Bitty Birdies instead!

Mine is made with Caron Simply Soft (which is so non-organic it's not even funny) in Chocolate and Sunshine. With Dan's help, I named him Chocobo (pronounced "chokko-bo" like chocolate because he's brown).

Then after dinner I was checking her blog for things I may have missed (pictures are blocked from my Google Reader at work*). I went back too far and rediscovered this amazing recipe for a teeny tiny batch of brownies.

I put roasted and lightly-salted whole cashews on mine (but at the bottom of the bag, they're more like chunks and pieces). They're delicious!

I'll try not to be such a delinquent anymore. I do have more cool things to show you!

*Yes! I got a job in that long absence from blogging! I also hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and the top of Mt. Wilson, joined an overpriced gym and lost a few pounds, and officially decided to stop using prescription birth control (but it's not what you think; there are no babies involved -- and that's another whole blog post entirely).


Emily said...

Well now I have to go and make brownies.

Thanks for the test knit! Chocobo looks delicious!

joven said...

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