Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Quilting Sickness

My friend Vicki and I attended last weekend's quilt show hosted by the Glendale Quilting Guild. It was lots of fun (and the quilts were gorgeous), but the best part about quilt shows is coming home to use all the new stuff I always end up buying!

I finally gave in and bought the hexagons for English paper piecing. Could I get the nice big hexagons a normal person would start with? Oh, no! I insisted on getting the tiny ones so I could make a little flower basket like the vendor had on display.

No regrets! I love it! But I'm definitely going to get some larger hexagons, too, so I can make bigger projects when this one is done.

I also bought the pattern for Avocato in the Garden Patch Cats collection. (Vicki bought Podcats.) I bought a few fat quarters for putting it together, and then stopped at Jo-Ann's on the way home to get the rest of what I needed.

And today, not wanting to move around much (and sick of reading) after biking over 30 miles yesterday (and bloodying and bruising myself in a fall), I cut, ironed, quilted, and assembled the entire thing!

I'm going to hang it in my kitchen, though I haven't quite figured out how.

Keillor thinks it's weird (but would probably gladly use it as a cat-mat if I left it by the window for him).

In completely off-topic news, I read an enthusiastic review of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (and then found out it's a Hamlet retelling), so I got it at the library this weekend. I'm only about a dozen pages in, but I'm already in love. I needed to start another book like I needed to start those two quilting projects, but I don't even care. I am happiest when I have too many choices!

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