Friday, March 05, 2010

Mission Peak Solo

I hiked Mission Peak alone today.

The air was cool, the sun was bright, and the sky was almost smogless.

(If you click on the picture to get the big version you can see downtown!)

On the way up, a hawk flew so close I could see the brown and yellow stripes on his tail. Near the top I saw another hawk that was hovering so still, his eyes focused on something in the canyon below, I thought he was a kite. But his belly was so poofy (not unlike a pug puppy with wings), and there weren't any other people around, so he had to be real. I saw him move just a little in the couple of minutes I watched him.

It's not easy to capture the winter colors in California with an outdated camera phone. Everything is green, and right now all the purple plants are in full bloom. Soon the yellow wild mustard and orange California Poppies will be here.

Hiking Mission Peak is something I'd like to do weekly. It's not hard, but it's a great workout. And the views are lovely.

I really, really love Los Angeles.

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Emily said...

Beautiful! I can see why you love it!