Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm getting pretty good at finding overpriced yarny goodness then going home and making it myself.

I did it with that Gap scarf I was so nuh-uh no-way not paying the $19.99 sale price for when I could see that it was just a bunch of cables and moss stitch.

And now I've done it with an Urban Outfitters pillow that I was no-way-Jose gonna pay 48 dollars for.

I gathered up some skinny-ish yarns and made a big ol' granny square, cut out two squares of green t-shirt-y fabric, sewed 'em all together, then flipped 'em right side out so the edge is all super pretty. Sewing yarn is a bit odd, but in the end you can't even see where it got a little scrunched and wonky in the machine.

It's not identical, but holy cow it's amazing enough for me, and I bet Urban Outfitters wishes they were selling this baby.

I also made this pillow in a fit of inspiration. The monochrome idea came to me out of nowhere, and now I want one in every color of the rainbow.

(Yes, Urban, I am available for hire in the housey stuff design department.)

Next up might have to be this throw I kept walking by in a little shop in Ventura a couple weekends ago. Except knocking this off will be more like sticking it to The Little Guy instead of The Man because I think it was made by a local artist. I might not even have to outright knock it off because I bet I can find a good-enough pattern for a cool square that I can make berjillions of in one boring solid color and then have a gorgeous afghan without being such a cheater.

Pretty soon I'm definitely going to take a picture of my living room just to show you how overrun it is with homemade yarniness. (And the living room isn't the only place I've got afghans and pillows piled up everywhere.) I think I've kept it from getting tacky, too, but I'm not sure how long I can keep that up.

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Danielle A. said...

Oh man - I love that green/teal pillow! Gorgeous. :)