Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knitting Along with Mom

My mom and I are doing the dishcloth KAL from Kris Knits. It has been loads to fun trying to guess what the picture is with each new clue and then seeing the results in the colors we chose.

Below are the January and February cloths. (Mine are on the left; mom's are on the right.)

It took us forever to figure out what February was! My mom almost ripped everything out after doing 5 of the 6 clues, figuring she must have done something wrong. I suspected a branch of some sort, but she wasn't convinced. She tried to take a picture with her phone for me to see if hers looked like mine, and as soon as she viewed it through the lens, she could see what it was! (Hooray for avoiding ripping out all that work!)

We're two clues into the March cloth. We're guessing it might be a basket, but the squarely stacked weaving is throwing us off...

And if it is a basket, what's inside?!

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craftygal86 said...

how fun! Where do you sign up to get the clues?