Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deer Breakfast

My mom sent me an email this morning with some pictures of my dad feeding the deer behind their camp.

He was late feeding them one morning last week, and the deer were noticeably impatient. They crept closer as he threw the feed on the ground, but waited till he was a safe distance away before they really dug in.

From my mom's email: Amazing how non-skiddish they have become. He taps on the bottom of the bucket when he's done so they'll get used to it and know it's time to eat.

I'm not sure who likes feeding time more -- the humans or the deer? -- but it seems to be a good arrangement.

Soon the deer will retreat deep into the woods for the next few seasons, no longer relying on the free dry breakfast. But they'll be back next winter, and the humans will be waiting for them with a full bucket.

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