Monday, March 01, 2010

The End of Things

February 2010 is over, and that means Thing-A-Day 2010 is also over.

Thing-A-Day is weird. Some people make things I'd say are outright stupid (think: "Today I MADE my bed!"), or less stupid (but I still can't respect it) like, "I couldn't think of anything, so here's a picture of myself I took with my web cam before falling asleep just to say I did something." Other people are super creative and true artists, drawing a really cute bunny or making a whole new musical instrument every day.

Some people don't post on time, but get caught up eventually. Some people drop out forever after just a few days.

Everyone's got their own style and their own idea of what Thing-A-Day is.

For me, Thing-A-Day is month-long challenge to push myself a little harder. This year, I only used supplies I already had, especially supplies I had in excess (that means lots of yarn and fabric). I didn't work on a project already in progress, and I finished everything in one day (unless it was a larger project that required two of the same thing, like mitts -- which I did finish before the end of the month). I also never repeated a pattern; everything is unique. I posted my project every day before midnight, even if that meant taking a horrible camera-phone picture in the dark basement of a restaurant out of town.

And now I have 28 new things I probably would have taken months to finish otherwise! Some things I'm giving away, and other things I hope to keep around for years and years.

So now I have mixed feelings. Some days I struggled with what I could possibly make, sometimes having to plan ahead for weekends away from home. A few times, out of complete lack of inspiration, cast on for yet another dishcloth (in a new pattern, of course!). Other days I was so excited, I started sewing or knitting as soon as I woke up. Kinda glad it's over; kinda wish someone would make me do that every day in March, too.

To cope, I look forward to 2011, and I remember that I still have all those mad skillz for the next 12 months, and I can still make great things.

And next year? Another crazy crafty challenge to see what I'm made of!

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