Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cranberry Hazelnut Lara Bars

First, I feel I should apologize for the I-took-these-without-even-trying nature of the photographs, and for the fact that the finished product looks like a poop. You don't have to make yours look like a poop; you can make any shape you want.

My BFF is a Cross-Fit and paleo junkie, and a long time ago she mentioned on Facebook trying to make her own Lara bars. I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since.

This weekend I finally got the stuff, and today I used this site for inspiration in making my own.

The ingredients are few and simple...
(The jar on the right is lime juice. I juice several limes at a time and store it in a pasta jar.)

...but their combination is delicious.
(This is the poop-thing I was talking about.)

I shaped the dough into 4 logs and put three of them in plastic wrap in the fridge. (The other one is in plastic wrap right next to me, and I'm trying desperately not to eat it before lunch.) Each log is about 125 calories, has 2 grams each of fiber and protein, and is seriously delicious.

Cranberry Hazelnut Lara Bars

40 g raisins
40 g dried cranberries
40 g large hazelnuts
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp lime juice

Grind up the dried fruits in a food processor (I used the Magic Bullet) and set aside. Grind up the nuts with the cinnamon. Mix together the fruits and nuts with your fingers, adding the lime juice to help the dough stick together. Wrap, refrigerate, and enjoy.


Jenny said...

I think they look yummy - I've done the complicated Alton Brown energy bars before, and they were good but time consuming. I think these are a much better option that I'm definitely going to try!

Danielle A. said...

Considering that LaraBars are roughly 200 calories each... I may give these a whirl at some point. Bet they'd be good if you put a little bit of mini-choco-chips in them too.

tvmom said...

oh, sounds delicious...i need to make these