Monday, February 08, 2010

Amber, Glamour, Erway, & Pancakes

That's how it happened.

Amber of The Amber Show tweeted this other day, followed by this, and it only took me an eighth of a second to decide I would buy the latest issue of Glamour as soon as I saw it on a shelf.

I bought it last night, flipped through quickly just to find the tiny photo that screamed "Amber must have taken this!", and discovered Cathy Erway's delicious-sounding (later proved to be delicious-tasting) recipe for Cranberry and Corn Pancakes. (The photo is originally from Amber's Hey Brooklyn Episode 28 about Erway's blog and book about not eating out in New York. I was totally bummed she didn't get a photo credit. But still!) I resolved to make them the next morning.

And this morning I did.

I veganized the recipe (of course), using Ener-G Egg Replacer and Blue Diamond Original Almond Milk instead of the the egg and whole milk. And they were completely perfect.

I'm tempted to make Miniature Mushroom Pies for our Super Bowl eat-fest this afternoon, and sometime this week I'll probably make a tofu version of her Lemony Egg Salad With Basil and Capers for lunch. (All this from the March 2010 issue of Glamour, people!) And I'm going to check out that book. If it's not full of meaty things I just can't work around, I'll probably be buying it.

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