Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barefoot Running, Day 1

Dan and I have a friend back east who's been talking about barefoot running on Twitter for some time. There's snow where he lives, so he sounded pretty nuts at the time.

I did a little research, asked him some questions, took all of his advice, and self-consciously took off my socks and shoes at the gym today.

It's just a small gym in our apartment complex, but Rule #5 is

Wear proper attire (no "cutoff shorts" or sandals).

So technically, I was obeying the rules, but strange looks scare me.

Part of the advice this crazy genius friend of ours gave me was to take it easy at first and limit myself to about 5 minutes. I ran a half a mile faster and stronger than I've ever run before -- and had to grudgingly make myself put my shoes back on for the rest of my workout. My posture automatically corrected itself just as I'd read would happen, and I found muscles I wasn't aware of in the past.

Check out this NY Times video that convinced me of the benefits of barefoot running and answered a lot of questions (like "What about glass?"):

My feet are super black and nasty right now, but I am genuinely looking forward to tomorrow's barefoot run.

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