Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Sock

Clearly I have not yet defined those sock-knitting rules.

I started this one on January 11 and finished it on January 12. I cast on for the second one that night, and I'm done with the cuff now.

But enough about me. Let's talk about this sock.

Have you used Lion Brand Magic Stripes? It's weird. I assumed it was a "sock yarn," but it's sport weight instead of fingering weight. That doesn't mean you can't make socks with it; it just means 60 stitches on US 1 needles makes for a super tight fabric. So I unraveled what I had knit and cast on 64 stitches with US 2 needles. That, it turns out, makes for a rather roomy sock leg.

Throwing all traditional sock formulas aside (the leg stitches should equal the foot stitches, the heel is worked on half the total number of stitches, etc.), I worked the heel on 30 stitches and decreased the instep by 4 stitches over the first two rounds of the gusset. Recommitting to the traditional sock formula, I was able to get the foot back to 60 stitches. This, it turns out, was the perfect number all along. It's still a little roomy, but its good enough. I kind of even like how the leg is a little slouchy.

Maybe in the future (with the other five balls of this yarn I have), I'll reduce the stitches to make a sock with more negative ease.

Oh, about the other five balls: I only have one of this particular colorway left. Isn't it ugly? Not Oh My God Ugly, just Meh Ugly. I think it will look kinda neato in my clear Chucks, but it's not the Oh So Classy sock yarn you want to show off in your heels around the office. The other two colorways I have (2 balls each) are a bit better patterned and slightly more classy.

I promise to cast on for that other yellow sock tomorrow. (Besides, these ugly ones are on completely different needles! Technically the yellow one is still "next on the needles" just like I said.)

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