Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're gonna crack open the bigeg!

I was reading the Redshirt Knitting blog and learned about how eggs go on a conveyor-belt-like journey out of the chicken. Sometimes, like what happened to her chicken, you get an egg with no shell. Or sometimes the egg goes backwards for a while, and then forward again, and a few steps are repeated.

Check out this crazy egg:

I think this guy is super silly and charming, and I like how he makes "big egg" one word. I also like the lady in the background who prompts him so well and does great commentary, and the copy-cat kid who thinks the egg is "weeeeeeeeeeird!" They seem cool.

(Also, I've watched this video a few more times than is normal for a reasonable person.)


inoriz said...

Wow! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

tiffars said...

This is hilarious. An egg inside an egg!