Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why I Freaking Love My Life

I love my life for a lot of reasons, but this is one of them:

Tonight we rode our bikes to In-N-Out burger, ordered two grilled cheeses and one order of fries, then went to the mall to buy me the new clear Converse sneakers (for showing off my sock-knitting handiwork), then bought our week's vegetables and a container of hummus at the farmers' market.

Despite the mildly prodigal* elements of my behavior, the fat is melting off my body, and I'm going to be smoking hot at my brother's wedding. (But don't hold me to that because you might not think I'm smoking hot, but I totally will.)

Also, after work and before we left for our cross-Northridge journey to the mall and back, I managed to do all my reading and write 3 out of the 7 briefs due on Saturday. I love my new class, and it feels super great to be back in school again and using that slowly-crippling section of my brain.

I guess that was a few reasons I love my life. But I swear there are tons more.

*Please don't think "prodigal" means "the son who came home." "Prodigal" refers to all the horrible things he did while away from home. And so, clearly, I am exaggerating when I use the term about my own behavior.

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