Friday, August 28, 2009

Clear Chucks

I finally got my clear Converse sneakers! They're as awesome as I ever hoped they would be. Dan bought them for me as a congrats-you're-a-college-student-again present.

I found out about them on Wendy Bernard's Knit and Tonic blog (this post), and I've wanted them so bad ever since.

The salesperson (a girl a little younger than I am, probably) tried to get me to buy their colorful socks. ("They're only nine ninety-nine.") I declined, and I didn't mention that I'm buying these to show off the fact that I can knit my own darn colorful socks, thank you very much. It just seemed weird at the time. And I don't think she would have been impressed. I also plan on getting some awesome one-dollar socks I saw at Target. (I have my eyes on the orange argyles.)

And these were the last pair in my size out of the two or three total pairs left in the back! They didn't even have them on display anymore!

They're a little stiff, but not in an inhibiting way. They just need some breaking in. As for the sweaty-feet factor: I'm not sure. I think socks will lessen that, but who the heck would wear plasticky shoes with bare feet anyway? Ew. I haven't had a chance to wear them out of the house yet. I've only done some amateur modeling for the photos you see here.

I have a few single socks that need their mate knitted, and then you can expect a lot more pictures of my feet in plastic shoes. First, I have to finish knitting and then block the lace shawl I'm wearing to my brother's wedding in September. For now, though, you really should do a search on Flickr for "clear converse" (Oh, fine, just click here. It's easier.) Pretty great stuff, huh?

The clear Converse All-Stars are only available at Journeys. It seems like getting them in the store won't be easy, but you can still buy them online. If you get some (or if you already have some) send me pictures! I'd love to see the socks you've deemed worthy of such fabulous shoes!

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Kara said...

I didn't know such a thing existed! They're awesome! I know you have some new yarn waiting to be transformed into super cool striped socks! ;)

Maybe this will be the push for me to learn how to knit socks. Although, I rarely wear "real" shoes. I live in flip flops!