Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, no! A snake!

Dan and I went hiking in the mountains behind Burbank last Saturday. Among many lizards, we also saw a deer, a long skinny black snake with a yellow stripe, a bright red beetle, and...

...a rattlesnake!!!

The yellow flowers in the picture are wild mustard plants! They don't produce seeds like you'd use for pickling, but you can add the flowers to salads and cooked dishes. Now that I know this, I'll be harvesting some next time we go into the great outdoors.

Wild mustard is by far the most ubiquitous flower these days, but we also found this plant that smells exactly like French Toast Crunch.

We liked the clove-scented flowers of another tree so much that we both picked off a cluster and smelled it for a few more yards.

My legs are still a little sore from the nine miles up and down the mountain and then on the steep street back up to the car, my shoulders were burned under the direct sun even though I applied sunscreen twice, and we couldn't see a darn thing for the smog, but it was a fun hike, and I do feel pretty tough.

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