Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny

Way back in Thing-A-Day times (February 2009), a participant called "zebruca" made a ridiculously cute birdie so irresistibly small and happy that I oohed and aahed all over the place. I even offered to buy some!

Instead, she promised to make some just for me! They arrived today, and now I'm the proud owner of the tiniest, cutest things ever:

Check out her blog here. The cuteness just keeps going! (Plus, it's fun to see my name pop up in the middle of a bunch of Romanian -- which I just learned is a Romance language! And how very recognizably Romantic it is, huh?!)

And that's not all, my friends:

I tested this pattern for sayga on Ravelry. I loved her mini turtles, but she was still working on the pattern and fixing any bugs before she released it. Not quite willing to wait, I offered to test her pattern for her (I'm so helpful, huh?!).

Today she sent me the pattern. I got out the teeny tiny crochet hook and the itty bitty yarn, and whipped it up. The pattern is totally super. I only offered a few additional pattern details and reorganized some crochet terminology, so I'd say it's ready to go! Be keeping an eye on her if you're a crocheter and love all things cute and tiny!

In other news, I took the GMAT on Saturday. My Quantitative score was also itty bitty teeny tiny, but absolutely not cute. I'm hoping my killer Verbal score lands me a spot in the evening MBA program at CSUN.


Andrew said...

You're so funny!
How did I ever not know that you're such a crochet nut???
There's so much to know about each other!

Andrew said...

P.S. That comment wasn't from "andrew" -- it was from "Auntie H". I couldn't get it to let me change the name!!!

craftygal86 said...

How cute!! Was it tedious making something so small?

Kimberly Pye said...

Hi, craftygal86!

No, the turtle wasn't tedious at all. (If you ignore the legs.) ;-) I pretty much hate making the legs for anything, but these were also so tiny that they're were really quite forgiving. If you mess up a stitch, the leg is so small it's just a little wad anyway, so it doesn't even show! And being so small, you're all done in no time at all!

I highly recommended trying the pattern!