Friday, April 10, 2009

Stuff This White Girl Likes

We went to a jazz club last night and saw the Nolan Shaheed Quintet. I announced my location on Facebook (white!) via my G1 (even whiter?) and was greeted this morning by an email saying "So-and-so has commented on your status."

She said:

"It's ok, I'm guilty of #123 (and a lot of others!) :)

[Link to #116 on Stuff White People Like]"

And that got me thinking, "How white am I?"

Here's the list of Stuff White People Like. The bold and italic items are the ones I'm a sucker for (or at least guilty of having enjoyed from time to time).
There you have it, folks. I highlighted 66 of the 123. That's white.

I can already see how I've gotten whiter since we moved to Los Angeles, and I see my whiteness continuing in that direction.

I haven't been to San Francisco yet...

1 comment:

sukigirl said...

LOL! I can't see the world the same way after finishing that book. The fun really begins when you get someone who isn't white to take the test.