Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday on Mission Peak

I hiked Mission Peak with Dan yesterday. He's done it multiple times, but my foot is only just now completely better after hurting it somehow on Valentine's Day while walking around in Santa Barbara.

The whole six-mile ride from our apartment to the parking lot was wet and rainy, but there was a break in the weather as soon as we got there. The sun warmed us the whole time -- until we were within sight of the top. Then the wind became ferocious and freezing (on a California scale, not the Mt. Monadnock or Washington scale).

Expressing my pain.

After a short rest at the top, we booked it back to the bottom, picking wildflowers along the way.

Then we got take-out Boca burgers at Johnny Rockets and went home to spend the last of a perfect weekend at home.

(If this one picture of the beautiful mountain doesn't quite do it for you, you can see the whole set here.)

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