Friday, March 13, 2009

Hoots Has a French Fry

Today is the last day my brother and Nicole are in California. It's a bummer they have to leave, but I guess we all have to get on with our lives. They can't keep bumming around and going rock climbing every day, and we all can't keep up this habit of dining at fabulous eateries for every meal.

I've had In-N-Out Burger twice since the beginning of the month (I get a grilled cheese -- a cheeseburger with no meat. It's delicious, as are the fries and chocolate shake.)

We went there for lunch today.

Hoots came along, too.

He doesn't like cheese, but I did catch him eyeing the French fried potatoes.

Hoots was born of a free pattern from sukigirl (also on Ravelry). She got her inspiration from knitted versions of an owl in a sweater (including mine!), but she's a crocheter at heart, so she made up her own pattern! (What a go-getter!)

In all honesty, I doubted the pattern almost the entire time. I thought there weren't enough even rows to make a good sphere, and the sweater seemed way too small the whole time I was making it.

If you decided to make one, fear not! The pattern is flawless! And when you're done, you'll have the cutest little bite-size owl nugget you could possibly imagine. Just don't take him to a burger joint and expect him not to want a fry or two.

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