Saturday, February 28, 2009

"That probably makes total sense to them."

(Our friend Tony gave this humorous response when I showed him a picture of Pandapple.)

The Japanese have a lot of weird things, but my favorite is this fellow. He's a panda who wears an apple hat and loves all things apple-y.

From popgadget:
Pandapple loves everything apple and his best friend is a caterpillar named Imomushi. Born in Shanghai, this mischievous, cheefrul panda moved to Southern California to live on a fruit farm, and his life goal is to grow the world's biggest apple.

I modified the Pandy Bear pattern from Darncat Crochet to make my own adorable little Sanrio knock-off.

He and my meatless cheeseburger are my two most favorite desk toys at the mo'. Can you blame me?

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