Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Brother's Buddy

You're long overdue for an explanation regarding the Gmail message I displayed a few days ago. It was about the coolness level of my brother compared to your brother. I don't mean to start any fights, but look.

Here he is, sewing away:

And here's the finished project:

Here's what it looks like in action:

He borrowed the idea from a feature on PadStyle. His isn't selling for $139 dollars, though, and not because it can't. He did a stellar job.

He also made this "In the Parlor with the Candlestick" blanket. The white fabric tape looks so much like real tape it gives the illusion you could just rip it off. But it's sturdy as heck, and would look super cool on the right Clue-enthusiast's bed. (If you're interested in having this blanket as your own, let me know, and I'll talk to the artist.) ;-)

In other news, we're settling in wonderfully. It takes some people years to call a place home, and sometimes they never do, but I think it took us a few hours. After one visit here in June, then finally getting all of our stuff delivered, it's like we've been here for years. Of course, the wonderfully gridded streets make getting around a cinch, and as Dan said, this apartment is like living in Disney World.

And the All-Star Resorts have way more children running around. We're currently between a nice woman named Barbara and a house full of what we think are young Mormons on their mission trip to southern California.

Yep. I'm thinking I'd find God Smith calling me here, too. It's just lovely.


Lembkes said...

The blankets are amazing. He did a great job. I am glad you are settling in.

Lembkes said...

A couple of days ago I made cookie baskets for the families at Courtney's school. I put some pumpkin cookies in them (the recipe you gave me last year), and everyone loved them. I only gave everyone about 5 cookies, so now I am going to make a few dozen to give out, because they were such a big hit! Thanks so much for the recipe.

Kimberly Pye said...

Awesome! For another fabulous cookie, try the sweet potato ones on my sidebar. So delicious and unexpected!

I LOVE YOU said...
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