Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wonderful Cookstr

I just discovered a new recipe resource you must (MUST, I tell you!) know about.

I haven't looked around much, but as soon as I found this ridiculously simple, cheap, and easy recipe for mayonnaise made with tofu, I knew I had to share. I don't really care if the rest of the site is awful (but I highly doubt it is).

Cookstr is a beta site full of recipes from famous chefs. It's all free (you don't even have to "Sign Up" or "Log in"* to browse the recipes. You can betchasocksoff I'll be signing up, though! They hope the selected offerings will inspire you to buy the cookbooks of the chefs you learn to love. Pretty good plan, I think.

(Holy cow! The lady who made Tofu Mayonnaise has a whole book called This Can't Be Tofu!) Yep. I think it might be working.

*They really should do something about the inconsistent capitalization, though.

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