Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Lists

We're leaving one week from tomorrow, but before we go we have a big trip to Maine to make it through. We made it through our last time at church with minimal attention directed our way and there was no apparent sadness at the party our friends threw for us yesterday afternoon (both are positive), but I have a feeling the situation in Maine won't be so smooth and dry.

I'm doing my best to keep it smooth. I started cleaning up last night. I have a pile to donate, a pile to drag to the dumpsters, and a pile to bring to Maine. I've started packing my messenger bag for both the journey north and the journey west, and I have lists accumulating in Dan's and my* shared Google Docs.

As far as dry goes, I don't think there's anything I can do. I tell myself I won't cry, and I certainly won't for the same reason everyone else will. Certain family members will cry because we're moving so far away, and I guess that's the only good reason. I'll allow it. But if my eyes get wet it will be because I'm so anxious to get to Northridge and the butterflies are out of control, and seeing my mom cry will make me sad that she's sad, and if either of my grandparents or my dad cries, I'm sure I'll lose it.

But I've moved away before, and with technology in the condition it's in, I'll be closer now than the first time I moved. I spent an hour and 40 minutes on Skype with my mom on Saturday afternoon while she worked on spreadsheets and I made pretzels and steak fries. Even Google Chat has a voice and video feature (which we'll have to figure out while we're in Maine, since it doesn't seem to work on their laptop). So really, it's not a big deal at all!

I made a big deal out of the countdown crossing over the 20-day mark, and that seemed like only a couple days ago. Now we're down to 8. I can't tell what this week is going to do -- drag or disappear? -- but I'm looking forward to spending some time with a few more friends, visiting family again, and saying goodbye.

*Please, people. This is how you do it. Not "me and Dan's" or "mine and Dan's" or "Dan's and mine" or any other whacky combo you can come up with. "Dan's docs" + "my docs" = "Dan's and my docs."

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