Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Earrings! (Come an' get 'em!)

Last night, while Dan and Steve were playing hours and hours of PS3, I cleaned up my jewelry box and put all my earrings on the shelf in the bathroom.

My earring holder is the same one I've had since about 5th grade, and it's a bit crowded. It's also from Claire's and has little shiny frogs around the edge. It's time for an upgrade.

I found this genius storage solution on Flickr. It's a lamp shade with little holes punched around the rim. Earrings become dangly lamp shade decorations!

Give a girl an earring holder, and she'll ask for more earrings.

I found a shop on Etsy selling almost all the earrings for $1! One Dollar Jewelry had a large inventory ready to ship to a retailer. The retailer closed shop, and she was stuck with all the jewelry. She sold it for cheap and kept making more -- and she still sells it for cheap! (You can read about it in her profile.)

I bought the two pairs above (photos lifted from the shop -- I hope she doesn't mind!) for $3.50 (including shipping)! Now that I've done my shopping, you can know about it, too! (I wouldn't want you competing for all the great stuff in there!)

This might be even more exciting than that cheap $1 makeup I freaked out about the other day...

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theambershow said...

i love one dollar jewlery. i have a few bracelets from them that add a fun, chunky plastic pop to my outfits.