Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicken Bone Tea

That's what chicken broth is.

Why do people default to chicken broth? Why not default to vegetable broth? It's better for you, and it's infinitely less disgusting.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a game for you to play:

It's a parody of Cooking Mama (which I have for my NintendoDS), but it's all about killing animals and plucking feathers. I read about it on the VegCooking blog. I have actually learned some new kitchen techniques because of Cooking Mama, and it would be super cool to have an all-vegetarian version of the game, since I'll never apply my knowledge of how to de-vein a shrimp or pound a wad of cow meat.

I got super grossed out in the first turkey-plucking and totally failed. I don't know what happens after that...

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