Friday, November 14, 2008

California To-Do List

I was just peeling my tangerine when I realized that were it not for the low fat Greek vinaigrette with feta cheese floaties I put on my salad at lunchtime, I would have had a raw diet so far.

Raw food is delicious, and you can eat so much of it without racking up a bunch of calories. If you think you couldn't handle it, stop eating meat so the animal fat gets cleaned out of your mouth. (It's coated with it, you know.) Food -- every kind -- will taste better when you lay off the dead animal flesh.

And the dressing got me thinking about cheese and how I could still have it if I made it myself with cashews or unpasteurized milk (though I'd lean toward cashews or find some other recipe because cow breast milk freaks me out).

I added "make cheese" to my mental list of things I want to do when we move. I can't start any big projects or adventures now because we only have 12 days left before we get in our car and start driving the thousands of miles to California. Plus, I'm trying not to buy any more food ingredients, especially if I won't use the whole package. I can go 12 days without homemade cheese; I'm sure of it.

Anyway! Let the mental list become manifest!

~Make cheese.
~Start the vanilla. (I have the beans. I need the vodka and 6 weeks.)
~Make tomato soup and freeze most of it.
~Start a freezer compost for making veggie broth. (Missy told me about it.)
~Experiment with different veggie burger recipes.
~Cook just about every dish I've star'd in my Google Reader.
~Buy Veganaise and some kind of liquid egg replacement.
~Put up the Christmas tree. (I need to be making more decorations!)

I thought there were more...

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