Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evidence of Productivity

So, remember a bunch of days ago I was all braggy about how much cool stuff I did while Dan was gone?

I can show you now (most of it, anyway)!

On Saturday I...

...made a delicious vegetable stew with some veggie broth and all the bits of veggies I had in the fridge (plus some frozen ones). The picture may be a little frightening, but at least it reminds me of how absolutely delicious it was. I had some for breakfast right after it was done. Dan and I ate the rest of it for lunch on Sunday.

...crocheted a ghost for Dan. He glows in the dark, too!

...designed and shared the pattern for the ghost's arms and tail.

...made more fruit fly killer (recipe here). It works great!

...made strawberry puffed grain treats (buy the recipe booklet here). I'm tellin' ya, I will buy pretty much anything that girl will sell me. She's amazingly talented.

...dyed wool with Kool-Aid. (You can see it hanging to dry here. I'll have more process photos later when I get them off my phone.) The whole process was super easy, but it takes a while for the wool to dry out. Days, actually.

...added Skellerz' yarn to the yo-yo afghan.

...baked two loaves of bread. (I brought one to work with some homemade jam. It quickly disappeared.)

...worked on the knitted baby blanket (which I finished later in the week).

Then, on Sunday I...

...crocheted four candy corn coasters...

...and knit myself a sock. The second sock is almost done. These are pedicure socks; that's why they're missing the toe-part. I'm not sure what I'll ever do with these. A pedicure sounds like a tickle-y torture session, but maybe I'll get brave enough someday.
So there you have it. Since then we've purchased a new camera, visited Keene one last time, and hiked Mt. Monadnock. And I've started a few other projects I'm very excited about!

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