Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clearly I'm a bit touchy today.

I'm back at the gym. For realsies. It's even in my Google Calendar.

I'm starting a new series of daily observations based on my morning at the gym. There's always something amusing or irritating. I don't know if it's because I'm grumpy or half-asleep, and, like a drunkard, convinced I'm rather witty, but here it is.

Morning Gym Observation: Where do the people in commercials go that their Wal*Mart isn't heavily populated by muffin-topped girls in pajama pants and slippers and frumpy moms yelling at their delinquent children?

I got pulled over right in front of my office this morning. I have a brake light out. Westford police have nothing better to do, so I'll be grateful he only gave me a written warning. "That'll give you a couple days to get it fixed." Oh, bless your heart.

And another thing: the people who live upstairs have sex more often and at more annoying times than the people who lived there before. The former tenants were lighter and more rhythmic. These people are large and awkward. It used to be that every Sunday morning around 1:00 am, the young, skinny kids would be at it for 20-30 minutes. The new folks are pretty random. At 3:22 this morning I was awake, trying to block it out.

But I'm fine now. Other than all the crazy stuff that happened before I even got to work, it has been a good day. I've been fairly productive so far, and my office has dinner reservations at 5:00 tonight at Gibbet Hill.

I think I'm gonna make it.


Nigel and Danielle said...

Oh great! There's loud sex people above you again. That is not good. Maybe it will be out of their system by the time we move in....or maybe I'll have to send Nigel up there to talk to them. I bet that will go over real well.

Kimberly Pye said...

Oh, no worries. I think we'll be issuing them a letter concerning their noise in general long before you move in. The yelling usually starts at bedtime, and my patience is wearing thin.